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While attending the Abilities Expo at the L.A. Convention Center in February of 2018, Carley and I found all-terrain wheelchairs that would allow us to continue taking our handicapped daughters (Emily and Cara) outdoors and moving on the hiking trails near our home. There was only 1 problem, we needed nearly $15,000 to purchase 2 all-terrain wheelchairs with all the necessary attachments for our girls. The idea of a fundraiser was born on the drive home, and the campaign called “Keep Us Moving” was put into motion a few months later. In less than 7 days, from the launch of the campaign, our family had surpassed our fundraising goal, but decided to continue the effort of hosting a 5k on June 30, 2018. Nearly 150 people came to support the cause, and the experience of the event and outpouring of love gave us hope and a renewed energy to “Keep Life Moving”.

In the months to follow, we continued to have conversations about how incredible the experience was, and how life changing the all-terrain access was for us and our girls. This was something we knew could spark a movement to help other families with special needs to “Keep Life Moving”. We used the excess money from the “Keep Us Moving” campaign to partner with Frazier Industries and founded Keep Life Moving, Inc., which officially received 501(c)3 tax exempt status at the end of 2019.

“Keep Life Moving” exists to inspire and equip caregivers and individuals with disabilities through events, fitness resources, and the sharing of first-hand experience.


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